October Tide was a side project formed by two members of Katatonia with their style not at all far removed from that fine group. Melancholic, sorrowful mid-paced metal, with death vocals laid over the top. Jonas Renske performed the vocals on 'Rain Without End' . It was his last harsh vocal performance, as the album was recorded in '95, though it wasn't released until '97. The line-up at the Rain without end album was: Fredrik Norrman: Electric, acoustic and bass guitars and Jonas Renske: Drums, electric and acoustic guitars. After the debut album Avantgarde released the second October Tide album 'Grey at Dawn'.



OCTOBER TIDE (selective) discography:

October Tide - Rain without End (Vic Records, 1997)







Jonas Renkse: drums & vocals

Fredrik Norrman: guitars & bass



Internet: none
Email: via the offcial myspace
Myspace: www.myspace.com/octobertideband


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