MANGLED - Through Ancient Times double cd


Mangled was one of the first Dutch death metal bands. Formed in 1989 and split up in 2006. MANGLED released 3 full length albums, 2 demos and 2 e.p.’s. Guitar player Harold Gielen plays in Legion of the Damned now a days . The Double CD ‘Through Ancient Times’ consist al of Mangled works from their earliest period: ‘Cadaverous’ demo 1992, ‘Perish’ demo 1993, ‘…in Emptiness’ e.p. 1996, debut full length album ‘Ancient Times’ 1998, and the  ‘Carnal Abhorrence’ e.p. from 2004. And of course some exclusive radio edits, live and pre production tracks. In total 32 songs of one of Holland’s finest yet obscure death metal bands. All tracks are re-mastered at Toneshed Recording Studio by Erwin Hermsen. The booklet contains many rare pictures, posters, flyers and liner notes.