Company history

First era

Vic Records was founded in 1992. Its first release was the Katatonia debut minicd ‘Jhva Elohim Meth... the Revival’. Second release was Crystal Age, a Gothenburg based technical death metal band, led by Oscar Dronjak. Vic Records released their debut album ‘Far Beyond Divine Horizons’ which was recorded at Studio Fredman (HammerFall, In Flames) and had cover art work of Kristian Wahlin (Tiamat, Dissection).

Third release was a side project of 2 Katatonia members named October Tide . The debut album ‘Rain without End’ was recorded with Dan Swano at Unisound.
Fourth Vic Records release was the HammerFall debut ‘Glory to the Brave’. The album was first licensed, and later sold to Nuclear Blast Records.

Part II

Since early 2005 Vic Records is re-activated. Vic Records has signed over 20 bands up till now. Varying from well known names like Bibleblack & Firegod (featuring members of King Diamond and Mercyful Fate like Mike Wead, Hall Patino), Memory Garden (ex Metal Blade, Nightingale, Abstract Algebra members), The Gathering, Dimension Zero (In Flames, ex Soilwork and Dark Tranquality members),The Project Hate (and its initial version Deadmarch), Total Terror (featuring 3 Edge of Sanity members) and Sear Bliss to promising acts as Against The Plagues (featuring Wojtek from Luciferion and Lost Horizon), Bornholm, Another Life or Sin of Kain.

 Vic Record's artists perform metal within the wide range of the genre. From progressive rock / metal (Another Life), to old school Swedish death metal (Ribspreader and Paganizer), to folk and pagan metal (Arkona and Alkonost), to experimental black metal (Damned Spirits’ Dance ) to thrash and prog death metal (Sin of Kain and Archaic).
 Vic Records works with the finest producers to get a high standard in quality. Vic Records artists recorded for example at Studio Fredman with Fredrik Nordstrom, In Flames Studio, Unisound with Dan Swano or Mike Wead and Simon Johansson at SolnaSound Recordings .

 The same holds for Vic Record's artwork, both for the website, myspace pages and youtube page, as for booklets, covers and merchandise. Vic Records works with artists such as Ivan S. Bragin (October Tide, Hearse, Another Life), Hjules ( Memory Garden, Sin Of Kain, also known for his work with Annihilator, Gravedigger, Destruction amongst others), Peter Sallai (Bornholm, Forest Silence, Memory Garden) and Kris Verwimp (Sear Bliss, Arkona).

 Vic Records has a world wide distribution network, the entire world is covered by Plastic Head Music Distribution from The UK and their partners. Vic Records worked with exclusive promotion agencies like for the Germany, Austria, Switzerland market.

Some territories are covered with exclusive license deals, for example the former Sovjet Union, Japan and North America. Via Plastic Head Media all Vic Records releases are world wide avaiable for legal download via i-Tunes, Napster, etc.

Vic Records only settles for the highest quality.