C.O.E. - Metal LP


C.O.E. was the last solo project band of the charismatic frontman S. L. Coe, most known as the voice of classic albums like Angel Dust "To Dust You Will Decay" or Scanner "Terminal Earth". With these two recordings the voice of S. L. Coe entered into the hearts of many metal-fans worldwide. After his last release with german Reactor on their "Farewell to Reality" in 1995, the singer retired dedicating his career as sound engineer (Dust Music studio owner) and producer (1MF label owner) but found time to run this project with good friends from 2000 to 2002.
The album was released by Shark Records in 2000 and dedicated to the music that Coe most loves: Metal!

Out first time on Lp and with a new artwork.

Cd coming on VICrecords in 2024!!