TORCHURE - The Essence LP


German death metal band TORCHURE was formed in 1985. After 3 demo tapes they released two albums on the German metal label 1MF Records. In 1992 they released one of the strongest German death metals albums ever: ‘Beyond The Veil’.  After the release of their debut TORCHURE toured Europe to support Sepultura and Pestilence. After the tour  founding members and brothers Andreas (guitars) and Thorsten (bass) Reissdorf died in a tragic car accident. The band decided to go on and found 2 new members, again brothers. With this partly new line up they recorded their second album ‘The Essence’. The album was produced by S.L. Coe of Scanner / Angel Dust. The album comes with very special liner notes, rare pictures and 2 re-mastered never released bonus tracks. This second TORCHURE  album ‘The Essence’ has long been out of print (over 30 years) and is a much sought-after collector’s item.



  1. Invisible Truth
  2. Sense of Death (intro) Sinister Seduction
  3. Voice of Power
  4. Terminus (intro) No Rest in Peace
  5. Lost Souls


  1. Between the Urges
  2. The Essence
  3. Cry of Madness
  4. X (intro) Traces