Lobotomy - Final Wrath - The Early Hymns of Lobotomy 2CD


LOBOTOMY was a Swedish death metal act from Stockholm formed in 1989 and split-up in 2000. The band released several demos in the early 90s and three full-length studio albums, before the band folded in 2000. This compilation,’ Final Wrath, The early hymns of Lobotomy’ contains all demos, ep’ s and promo’s  from 1989 till 1993 prior to their debut album. CD 1 contains: ‘When Death Draws Near’ demo 1990, Promo 1991, ‘Against The Gods’ demo July 1992, ‘Nailed In Misery’ demo June 1993.  CD 2:  ‘Hymn’ Ep December 1993, Rapture live & rehearsal tracks, Live in Akalla, Sweden 1991, Demo 1993. All songs restored and remastered by Achilleas Kalantzis at Suncord Audio lab (Vio Lence, Possessed). Line notes by Olivier ‘Zoltar’ Badin (Cathedral, Dark Funeral re-issues) and extensive interview by Nicola Constantini ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SVENSK DÖDS METALL. Including productions by Thomas Skogsberg at Sunlight Studios (Entombed, Grave, Dismember) and Peter Tagtgren (Hypocrisy, Dark Funeral). Liner notes by key figures from the extreme metal scene(Kam Lee - Massacre, Alex Hellid - Nihilist, Entombed), Masse Broberg (Hypocrisy, Dark Funeral) and many more. 34 page booklet double cd full of old pictures, flyers posters.

CD 1:When Death Draws Near demo 1990,Promo 1991,Against The Gods demo July 1992,Nailed In Misery demo June 1993

CD 2:Hymn Ep December 1993,Rapture live & rehearsal tracks, Rehearsal tracks 1990 (Reh. Tape 1990),Live in Akalla, Sweden 1991, Demo 1993


  1. Inner Wrath [When Death Draws Near]                             
  2. When Death Draws Near [When ..]                        
  3. Into This Life [When Death Draws Near]                             
  4. Instinct of Brutality [Promo 91]                 
  5. Possession [Promo 91]                                  
  6. Depriver of Life [Promo 91]                                         
  7. Endless Maze [Promo 91]                                             
  8. Against the Gods  [Against The Gods]                  
  9. Depriver of Life   [Against The Gods]                     
  10. Seize the Throne [Against The Gods]                    
  11. Lobotomized  [Against The Gods]                           
  12. Darkened Times [Against The Gods]                    
  13. Endless Maze [Against The Gods]                           
  14. Eternal Damnation [Against The Gods]               
  15. Misery End [Nailed In Misery]                                    
  16. Nailed [Nailed In Misery]
  17. Instinct of Brutality [Nailed In Misery]

CD 2

  1. Turmoil [Hymn]
  2. Flowertrip (Part I) [Hymn]
  3. In Bloodstained Greed[Hymn]
  4. Rapture - Live 89 Shitzo
  5. Rapture - Satanic Extirpator Reh 90
  6. When Death Draws Near - Reh Tape 90
  7. Reincarnation of the dead Reh Tape 90
  8. Inner Wrath - Reh Tape 90
  9. (Beyond) Possession - Live Akalla 91
  10. Endless Maze - Live Akalla 91
  11. Instict Of Brutality - Live 92
  12. Eternal Damnation - Live 92
  13. Depriver Of Life - Live 92
  14. The Hate That Breaths - Demo 93
  15. Soulshifter - Demo 93