SAD WHISPERINGS - Return To Autumn, demos 95 & 98 CD Pre-order


Sad Whisperings was formed in 1990 (as Desecrate) and released several demo’s in the 80’s / 90s up till their split in 2004 and gained a worldwide cult following. Sad Whisperings was pure doom death metal like their early inspiration Paradise Lost and with a touch of the Dutch school of doom death metal like The Gathering. Sad Whisperings got signed by Dutch cult label Foundation 2000 (The Gathering, Gorefest) and released their debut album in 1993 called  ’Sensitive to autumn’. Demos 1995 & 1998 are a natural follow up to their debut, doom death metal, Dutch style.

The booklet contains rare and old pictures, flyers and posters. Extensive liner notes from Steven Willems (Rock Tribune, Streams of Ancient Wisdom: The History of Dutch Death And Extreme Metal).

Sad Wispherings – Return To Autumn

  1. Watch Me... While I Sleep (Promo Demo 1995)
  2. Pass Away in Choirs (Promo Demo 1995)
  3. Where Passion Goes Deep (Promo Demo 1995)
  4. Slicing Wrists (Promo Demo 1995)
  5. The Whore Who Seduced Kings (Promo Demo 1995)
  6. Taken Away (Promo Demo 1995)
  7. Time Will Tell (Promo 1998)
  8. Astray (Promo 1998)
  9. The Land of Silence (Promo 1998)
  10. I Cry Alone (a Blind Sollitude?) (Promo 1998)
  11. Fear Glanced Eyes (demo 1992)
  12. Leaving Me Behind(demo 1992)
  13. Sensitive to Autumn (demo 1992)
  14. Out of the Musical Box (demo 1992)

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