EQUINOX - Return to Mystery CD Pre-order


Equinox was a black / death metal band from Florida, formed in 1992.Featuring guitar players Pete Slate (Druid Lord, ex-Acheron, ex-Incubus, and Tony Blakk (Druid Lord, Massacre (live), ex-Diabolic (live), ex-Acheron) and vocalist / bassist Matt Wagner. Re-release of the sold out, legendary 1996 debut of Equinox which was mixed at Morrisound Studios, Tampa, Florida  by Tom Morris (Sepultura, Kreator, Morbid Angel). The booklet contains extensive liner notes from Olivier ‘Zoltar’ Badin (Cathedral, Dark Funeral) and many rare and old pictures, flyers, posters and complete new cover artwork. The album is completely remastered plus as bonus the 1995 Ep, Live in Orlando 1993 and The Anthem to the Moon demo 1993. 18 tracks in total.

  1. Rites of Red Giving
  2. Return to Mystery
  3. Until the Dawn's Mist
  4. The Mourning River
  5. Valley of the Kings
  6. Dreams of the Winter Solstice
  7. Winds of Autumn
  8. Infernal Atavism (Descend to Tetragrammaton)
  9. Path to Eternal Ruin
  10. De Sacrificio Summo (Upon the Throne of Eternity ep 1995)
  11. Intro (live in Orlando 1993)

12.The Eye (live in Orlando 1993)

13.Psychic Rebirth (live in Orlando 1993)

14.Projections from the Astral Plane (live in Orlando 1993)

  1. Divine Ascension(live in Orlando 1993)
  2. Battle Tide(live in Orlando 1993)
  3. Psychic Rebirth (Anthem to the Moon demo 1993)
  4. Dreams of the Winter Solstice (Anthem to the Moon demo 1993)
  5. Divine Ascension (Anthem to the Moon demo 1993)

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