PENTACLE - Archaic Undead Fury Mini CD Pre-order


Pentacle is one of the oldest, and still active Dutch death metal bands. Formed by bassist / vocalist Wannes Gubbels (ex Asphyx / Soulburn) in 1989 and still touring, playing gigs and recording and releasing old school death metal. Two track ep ‘Archaic Undead Fury was recorded and mixed at Harrow Productions, The Netherlands (Asphyx, Grand Supreme Blood Court, Soulburn) in 2004. Cover artwork by Manuel Tinnemans (Varathron, Entombed AD, Rotting Christ). Special for this re-release, the album comes with a 8 page booklet including rare pics, flyers, posters and liner notes form band leader / vocalist / bassplayer Wannes Gubbels, designed by Richard Schouten (Acrostichon, Mater, Napalm Death).

1. A Hellish Descend 04:38

2.Blast Them from the Sky! 04:10            

Shipment end of June