WICKED MYSTIC - Beware and Whisper CD

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This Dutch Thrash Metal band started in 1989 influenced by Annihilator and other raw but technical thrash metal bands. After some demos, they released their debut-album Mend or End in 1994. In style and sound influenced by Sepultura - Arise, Testament, Annihilator and the likes. They did it well and did an European tour with Overkill. In 1996 they released another demo in a style that hinted Forbidden as well as an influence, but before the demo was released the band broke-apart, to continue with a different line-up and a style-change to a more melodic Thrash/Power/Speed Metal fushion, resulting in 2 more albums in the early 2000s.
But their thrash-roots remained and in 2012 the band did a reunion in the old line up and releasing the Beware and Whisper album with re-recorded old songs, some new songs and an Exodus-cover.