ASTAROTH - Demos ’93 / ’95 / ‘98 CD


ASTAROTH was formed in Tampa, Florida in November 1991 by Larry Sapp following his departure from BRUTALITY. This Cd contains Demos 1993, ’95 & ’98, 20 tracks in total. Personell over the years amongst others: Tony Laureano (Brujeria, Nile, Megadeth drum tech) on drums, Larry Sapp (all demos, Brutality), Demian Heftel (Brutality, Nocturnus) on guitars, Jim Coker on drums (Nasty Savage, Brutality). Demo 1993 was produced by Greg Marchak who produced Winter's ‘Into darkness’ album and live production of Savatage/TSO shows was and mixed by Ken Faulkenberry (Acheron, Ulcer, Nocturnus). The 1995's demo ‘Song Of Sorrow’ was again produced by Marchak and mastered at famous Morrisound (Death, Cannibal Corpse) and included the talented Thomas Viator, who later went on to join James Murphy’s Disincarnate. 1998 saw the recording of Burning Christians. Unlike the first 2 ASTAROTH demos which had a Swedish tuned down sound like Carnage and Entombed, ‘Burning Christians’ had more a chaotic Deicide/Possessed sound (Morrisound mastering again). After the 1998 demo, Sapp joined Brutality again. Some Astaroth tracks were used for Brutality then.