DEFIANCE - Checkmate: The Demo Collection 2CD


Defiance is an American thrash metal band from Oakland, California. They played a decidedly technical style of thrash originally evoking bands like Testament, though they would later move on to playing in their own unique, more progressive thrash style. Defiance was formed in 1985 by guitarist Brad Bowers, drummer Matt Vander Ende and bassist Mike Kaufmann. Doug Harrington joined not long after Jim Adams. In 1987 the band recruited a vocalist in Mitch Mayes. Now with a stable and complete line-up, Defiance began playing shows in the Bay Area. With the local thrash scene gaining momentum, the band attained local notoriety. Their first demo was released in 1987. Shortly afterwards Mayes left the band and was replaced by Ken Elkington. With Elkington the band issued their Hypothermia demo in 1988. This demo caught the attention of the independent metal label Roadracer Records. After dissolving in 1995, they reformed in 2005 and released their fourth studio album ‘The Prophecy’ in late 2009. They broke up once again in 2012, but announced yet another reunion in September 2019. This complete demo discography contains all the Defiance demo’s from 1986, ’88, ’89, 91 and 1994.