Ceremonial Oath was formed in 1988 as Desecrator by Oscar Dronjak (Hammerfall) and Anders Iwers (Tiamat). In 1991 Jesper Stromblad (Restistance, ex In Flames) joined and they changed name to Ceremonial Oath. ‘Carpet’ was CEREMONIAL OATH’s second album. The album was recorded at Studio Fredman in 1993 and was produced by Ceremonial Oath and mixed by Fredrik Nordström. The album was originally released on cult Gothenburg label black sun / dolores records. The (all-star) line up on ‘Carpet’ was: Anders Fridén – Vocals (In Flames), Anders Iwers – Guitars (Tiamat, Dark Tranquillity), Mikael Andersson – Guitars, Thomas Johansson – Bass. Markus Nordberg - Drums (ex-Cemetery) and Tomas Lindberg – (session) vocals (At The Gates). Bonus to the album is the Metallica cover ‘Disposable Heroes’ taken from the Metal Militia compilation album (also black sun records). Booklet and original artwork is completely restored by ACW (Pestilence, Tiamat, Sentenced).