Both Eternal Solstice and Mourning were one of the very first Dutch Death metal bands. Eternal Solstice was formed in 1989 and is still active today. Released 3 full length albums on Dutch label Displeased Records in the 90’s and recently an EP on US Dark Descent recs. Mourning excisted from 1989 till 1997 and released a full length album in 1993 on legendary Dutch label Foundation 2000 (Gorefest, The Gathering). Both bands perform death metal in its purest form. Raw and effective. In 1990 both Eternal Solstice and Mourning recorded songs for a split album to be released on UK’s Peacevile Records. Mourning did not sent over the master in time and the release vanished. Two years later Midian Records from Belgium finally released the split album. The response was overwhelming and Cyber Music from Holland did a limited pressing aswell in 1992. The split album has long been out of print (over 20 years) and is a much sought-after collector’s item (bids on Ebay of over hundreds of Euros).