GLUTTONY - Beyond The Veil Of Flesh CD


Swedish death metal as it sounded back in the day. Less fancy stuff, more zombies. Born inside a coffin in 2009 the band released their debut demo 'Coffinborn' in 2012 and the EP 'Eaten Alive' in 2013 on Metal Fortress records both with Swedish growler Johan Jansson (Interment, Uncanny, Centinex) on vocals. Gluttony’s long-awaited debut album 'Beyond The Veil Of Flesh' is mixed and mastered by no one less then Dan Swanö at his legendary Unisound Studios (Opeth, Bloodbath, Edge of Sanity) . GLUTTONY consist of: Anders Härén – guitars (My Own Grave), Magnus Ödling – vocals (Setherial, ex-Diabolical), John Henriksson – drums (My Own Grave) and Max Bergman on bass (My Own Grave). Coverart by US cult horror comics artist Jeff Zornow (Misfits, Gama Bomb, F.K.Ü. covers a.o.).