INVERTED - Re-invocation of the beast CD

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INVERTED was a Swedish death metal band formed in 1991. During their existence until 1998 they recorded and released a handful of demos, ep’s, a mini cd and two full length albums. This compilation cd ‘Re-Invocation of the Beast’ covers all their releases from 1991 up till 1996. The complete track list contains: ‘Tales of Estaban’ demo 1991, ‘Heaven Defied’ demo 1992, the legendary Wild Rags mini cd ‘Invocation of the Beast’ from 1994, the 7“ ‘Empire of Darkness’ also from 1994, ‘Enslaver Of Mankind’ Unreleased EP '92 and the compilation track ‘Across The Lake Of Flames’ from 1993. Linernotes by Nicola Constantini (author of Encyclopedia of of Svensk DodsMetal). Massive booklet with many rare and old pictures, flyers and posters.