JUMPIN JESUS - The Art of Crucifying CD


Jumpin' Jesus was a German death metal band based in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. The band formed in 1989, and released their first demo the same year. They also released another demo named "Brain Cramps". In 1990, they released a demo entitled "Demo 1990". This demo had songs that would be re-recorded for their follow-up full-length album, "The Art of Crucifying", and the album was released on Morbid Music / West Virginia Records in 1991. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Stage 1 Studio in Buhne, Germany (Asphyx, Dew-Sentenced, Tankard, Krisiun) by Andy Classen. Jumpin' Jesus was a part of the second wave of German death metal, next to bands like Protector, Torchure and Incubator. The band shortly split after the release of "The Art of Crucifying", due to musical differences. Members of Jumpin' Jesus would pursue in other bands in the following years