MELECHESH - The Ziggurat Scrolls CD


Melechesh was formed in Jerusalem, Israel in 1995 by two ambitious young extreme metal musicians, Moloch (guitars) and Ashmedi (vocals & guitars). Influenced by both extreme European metal scene (Bathory and other Scandinavian black metal bands) and their own Middle Eastern roots, they created something rather unique. Both founding members are the core on this release aswell together with Proscriptor McGovern on drums (ABSU). The tracks ‘A Summoning of Ifrit and Genii’ & ‘Wardjinn’ were originally recorded in Jerusalem for a promotional demo 1998 which eventually led to their deal with Osmose records. Other tracks are rare, remixed or remastered tracks from the early (1995 – ’98) Melechesh discography plus the Celtic Frost cover Babylon Fell. Seven tracks in total with a totalplaying time of 40 minutes of rare and early Melechesh material. The booklet contains liner notes from Ashmedi about these special and rare tracks, now finally compiled and released on cd.