OBTRUNCATION - Abode of Deprated Souls CD

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OBTRUNCATION was formed in 1989 in the Rotterdam area in Holland. They recorded their first demo "Sanctum's Disruption" during December 1990. Within no time they established a reputation among the fastest & most brutal bands of the underground death metal-scene. Early 1991, Lawrence Payne (Phlebotomized) joined OBTRUNCATION and added one of the most intense growling vocals ever heard. In 1992, OBTRUNCATION recorded their second demo "Sphere of the rotting" which was very well received by the fans because of the hyper-speed tempos and its intense brutality. And now Obtruncation is back (never splitted up actually, always rehearsed and played gigs here and there over the years), deadlier then ever with their second full length album. The new album features Obtruncation’s trademarks sincd the early 90’s: hyper speed blasts, ultra brutal vocals, extremely fast and tight drums and guitars, tons of killer riffs and harmonies.