PENTACLE - Fifth Moon, Beyond and Back 2CD


Pentacle is one of the oldest, and still active Dutch death metal bands. Formed by bassist / vocalist Wannes Gubbels (ex Asphyx / Soulburn) in 1989 and still touring, playing gigs and recording and releasing death metal. In total 18 tracks, all completely remastered. Extensive liner notes, many posters and underground magazine articles in a massive 32 pages booklet! Disk 1 contains the Fifth Moon mini cd from 1996, recorded & mixed at Harrow Productions, The Netherlands (Asphyx, Grand Supreme Blood Court, Soulburn) and one bonus track from the same sessions and the two track e.p. ‘Exalted Journey’. from 1995. Disk II contains the DSFA sampler track ’A Dance Beyond’, the ‘Winds of the Fall’ demo 1993, the rehearsal demo ‘Caressed by Both Sides ‘ from 1992 and a special rehearsal track from 1990.