SACROSANCT - Recesses for the Depraved CD


Second Sacrosanct album ‘Recesses for the Depraved’ was recorded in Dust Music Studio (Assorted Heap, Blood, Torchure), during 1991. The re-issue booklet contains extensive liner notes from BJ Jaschinski (Legacy Magazine / Deaf Forever Magazine and liner notes for Torchure, Pestilence amongst others). The booklet also contains many rare pictures. The cover painting "The Magician" is a part of H.R. Gigers Tarotcard's, which was created in 1977. Besides former Pestilence guitar player Randy Meinhard, the line up on the second Sacrosanct album also features Christian Colli, the bassist/ vocalist on the legendary Asphyx ‘ Enter the Domian’ demo (1988). The album is completely remastered Max Morton and Randy Meinhard at Morton Studios and contains two exclusive bonus tracks.