GUTWRENCH - The Art of Mutilation CD


GUTWRENCH was of one of the early Dutch death metal bands. The band recorded two demos in 1993 and ’94. Gutwrench members also played in Goddess of Desire, Consolation and Pentacle. Their debut demo ‘Wither Without You’ was recorded at Beaufort Studios (Sear Bliss, The Gathering, Delirium). Second demo ‘Beneath Skin’ from 1994 was recorded with Paul van Rijswijk (Destroyer 666, Severe Torture). All tracks are remastered by Pieter Bas Borger. Besides the two demos this release also contains a compilation album track and four studio outtakes, 15 tracks in total. Interview and liner notes by Pim Blankenstein (Lords of Metal journalist), additional liner notes by Arjan van Exter (Inside The Coffin death metal ‘zine). Booklet design by Arjan Janssen (Dead End, Infernal Majesty, Sinister).