SACRILEGE - Too Cool to Pray CD


American thrash metal band from Berkeley, California formed in 1984. Originally known as Sacrilege, they added B.C. to their name in 1986 to avoid confusion with UK Sacrilege after being signed to Alchemy Records. Sacrilege B.C. played Bay Area thrash metal with a huge dose of punk and crossover influences. The band featured vocalist Strephon Taylor, guitarists Gary Wendt and Tim Howell, bassist Sean Smithson, and drummer Matt Fillmore. Maybe slightly overlooked amidst the era's tidal floods of '80s speed metal talent, the band only recorded two, curiously named albums in 1986's ‘Party With God’, and 1988's ‘Too Cool to Pray’ . The ‘To Cool To Pray’ re-issue comes with the 5 track unreleased demo 1990, 17 tracks in total. Liner notes by Sammytown (from FANG the legendary Berkeley, California punk/hardcore band).