PARADOX - Demo 86 CD


Paradox was formed in Würzburg in 1986 by two young musicians, Charly Steinhauer and Axel Blaha. Both of them were founding members of German metal bands Overkill, Venom and Warhead since 1981. Early 1986 they finally changed the band name to PARADOX. In July 1986, the band recorded a demo, drawing the attention of Roadrunner Records. In 1987, PARADOX recorded their second demo "Mystery" which was a success for the band. The German press calling it the best demo of the year. In the same year, the band started recording their first album ‘Product of Imagination’ for Road Runner. The debut album was an enormous success in Germany, with Metal Hammer recognising it as the best German debut after ‘Walls of Jericho’ by Helloween. The album Demo 1986 Deluxe edition contains the pre Paradox demo from 1984, 17 tracks in total. Cover artwork by Thomas Pinheiro (Possessed, Hirax, Malevolent Creation). Extensive liner notes with founding member Charlie Steinhauer and tonns of pictures from the 1981 – 1987 era.