Archaic Torse is quite an enigma. There is not a lot of information to be found. So, this reissue of Sneak Attack is a great opportunity to shed some light on the band. Archiac Torse was formed in the Frankfurt metal scene in 1990. ‘Sneak Attack’ is the only full lenght recording that has surfaced. Usually bands record one or more demos to see if they could get signed. Archaic Torse did record a demo though but they never released this. Originally released by 1FM Recordz who had some pretty cool bands on their roster at that time such as Assorted Heap, Blood, Torchure and Sacrosanct. So, Archaic Torse was in good company.Sneak Attack was recorded at both the Glaushaus Studio and the Dust Music Studio. The latter being used at that time by bands like Blood, Torchure, Dark Millennium, Morbid Jester and Assorted Heap as well. The album was produced by Michael Stötzel who used to be the guitarist in a heavy metal band called Thunderbolt in the mid-80s.Liner notes by Pim Blankenstein (Possessed, Sinister, Destruction). Bonus is the Demo 1990, digitalised, restored and remastered by Achilleas Kalantzis at Suncord Audiolab (Varathron, Vio Lence, Possessed).