ASPHYX - God Cries CD


Asphyx are true death metal legends from the abyss of The Netherlands. Their slithering, doomy aural hell had pleased the most lunatic brains among metal music freaks since 1987. The band broke up in 1995, but re-emerged next year with a new line-up featuring ex-vocalist Theo Loomans (played also all bass and guitars on this one) and forming member, drummer Bob Bagchus. This is the re-issue of Asphyx’s fourth full length album from 1996. Recorded in 1996 at Harrow Studios in Losser, Netherlands (Grand Supreme Blood Court Melechesh, Soulburn) by Harry Wijering. Being the only 90’s Asphyx album without guitarist Eric Daniels (who had just disbanded a totally different incarnation of Asphyx with Ron van Pol and Sander van Hoof), this album was written and recorded by original drummer Bob Bachus and bassplayer-vocalist Theo Loomans who also played all guitars. Extensive liner notes by Pim Blankenstein (Possessed, Sinister, Toxik) with founding member Bob Bagchus. Loomans turned out to be a gifted instrumentalist and composer (R.I.P. 1998).